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Speaking and teaching about Online Marketing tool for members of QTN Global

QTN Global is a global network for young talented people to build and maintain strong relationships. Together, we make future success by sharing all knowledge and skills that we have in different fields. You can find more QTN at Website:  QTN Global and Their Facebook’s fan page: https://www.facebook.com/qtnglobal

QTN Global usually organizes some of high quality courses for their members and invite some of the best speakers, lecturers to run their courses. That’s why I have been invited to share with them some kind of tools in Marketing Online at 14h, 10 – Jan – 2015.


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anh qua
Some of best students who recieve gifts from my Da Nang GBG


Siêng Văn

Đi đâu làm gì không quan trọng, đi với ai và làm cùng ai mới là điều quan trọng! Kết bạn với Siêng trên Facebook để cùng giao lưu Marketing ?.
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